Creating your first O365 Outlook Add-in in less than 30 minutes

In this article I will demonstrate how use the napa cloud application development environment to create an Outlook Add-in.


That basis for this article can be found all over the Microsoft MSDN development website(s) but the main starting points are:

You will need to add the Napa Office dev tools to your dev site –

I have a dev site created within the PSC O365 environment and from there I was able to create a new app.

Creating a new App


I was directed to the site where I added a new app


Select to build an Mail add in, give it a name and then Create


The napa development IDE comes up. It contains the default of a sample app


Publish it, by clicking on the Go Arrow on the left


You will be asked to log into your dev site (and therefore your O365 account)


Clicking Continue will open your O365 account you will then see the Add in Immediately appear in all emails


Clicking on the Add-in will reveal it



In this article we have seen how we can create the basic simple Outlook Add-In, in less than 10 minutes of work. In future articles we will look at how it works and how you can modify it to do your evil bidding.




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