Two ways to remove a Napa developed Office Add-in

In this article I will show the two methods available for removing a Napa developers plugin from your mail file.


As I was developing some Add-ins using Napa I unwittingly deleted them from my dev site not thinking about the consequences – well then I had to deal with them…..

Deleting a development Add-in

So let’s say we created a new Add-in and you delete it from the Napa interface


and then you realize it is still attached to your mail (doh)


you need to manage you own Add-ins

Managing your own Add-ins

Top right – Gear > Manage Add-ins



Select the one to remove and click on the (-) icon above the grid


And there you have it – pretty simple.


Now here’s the “Better” way of doing it

DON’T delete it from the front page of the napa interface

Within the napa developer IDE for the project, right under the Run Project icon there is a “Retract App” icon – use that instead


So then Jeff still exists in your development IDE but not inside your email. Much more elegant.


In this article we have seen two methods for removing a Napa developed add-in from your email client(s)



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