Office 365 Add-Ins Dialog API released

In this article I will briefly touch on the new Dialog API, the fact that it works in Outlook and that you need to have the most recent version of Office 2016 to get this to work.


In his recent article Simon Jaeger published information about the new Office 365 API “DialogAPI” functionality

This is a really nice UX item added to the Office 365 Add-In suite of functionality. If I need to ask the user to interact with the application and/or make a decision, it is now available right there from within the Add-In.

Not just for Word

While Simon’s example was created in Word, using the following code it was really simple to test and see if it was available in Outlook as well.

It is !!


I used my firebuglite Add-In example to quickly load up an existing Add-In and paste the code into the console window. Took 2 minutes to verify which was great.

        var dialogUrl = location.href

        // Display the dialog.
        Office.context.ui.displayDialogAsync(dialogUrl, { width: 15, height: 27, requireHTTPS: true }, function (asyncResult) {
            if (asyncResult.status !== Office.AsyncResultStatus.Succeeded) {
                // TODO: Handle error.

            // Get the dialog and register event handlers.
            var dialog = asyncResult.value;
            dialog.addEventHandler(Microsoft.Office.WebExtension.EventType.DialogMessageReceived, function (asyncResult) {
                if (asyncResult.type !== Microsoft.Office.WebExtension.EventType.DialogMessageReceived) {
                    // TODO: Handle unknown message.

                // Parse the message.
                var data = JSON.parse(asyncResult.message);
                showNotification('Hello #Office365Dev',;

                // TODO: Do something with the data.

                // We got our data, time to close the dialog.

In Simon’s post he also referenced the Channel 9 video created to go along with the announcement. In that the presenters demo how to use the new dialog API to Authenticate to O365 and return the token back to the Add-In. This is a more elegant method than what I have been using with the whole new IE window opening. I will be looking into combining the methods for my own nefarious use in the near future….. 🙂

Office Version (April 2016)

I wasted over a day being frustrated with why my code would not worked, and it turns out that my version of Office was not up to date. You need to go to the following site to download the latest version of Office (



The new Dialog API presents a new option for developers in their continued ability to bring functionality into the Office 365 environment.



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