Blisk – a web developer’s browser – first impressions

On the twitternet last Friday afternoon I saw this thing called “Blisk – a web developer’s dream come true” and frankly that sounds like fun !

and that lead me to ““. This is a record of my first interaction with it and see how it goes. This is not a review – this is just a record of OOOO shiney in action !!


I downloaded it – I am not entirely sure that is asked me if I wanted do anything after I ran the installer…..Windows only right now apparently.

Start up

I loaded it up and started to type in the addressbar and it already knew my Chrome browser history 😱



A nice handy start screen shows me the rapidly approaching features…


b2 b3 b4 b5 b6 b7 b8 b9 b10

Loading up a responsive website

I loaded up one of my demo sites and was able to display it Real site, side by side with mobile iPhone


and  iPad


can’t figure out how to make the mobile device change orientation though yet….

Using a watcher.

I loaded up a simple Local node server and displayed a simple page. I then added a watcher to the page like this:


and this is the result – SO COOL !!!


Because it is chrome (I mean webkit) and because I can, I was poking around and I discovered that the watcher functionality has actually been installed as a built in chrome extension – chrome.tabs.watcher. Very nicely done guys !!!

So that’s about it so far – needless to say I am going to be watching this one very intently – even if this doesn’t work out, it will certainly kickstart the imagination of others – bravo !

More features coming

Seems like there is more to come – I am going to enjoy watching this evolve 🙂


And even More to come

Featured the developers say are “coming soon” on their website are:

  • Integrations with Jira, Pivotal tracker and other productivity tools

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