Speaking at the Collab365 Summit 2016 – May 11th 2016 – “Office 365 Add-Ins – a web developer’s playground”

I delighted to say that at very short notice, I am speaking at the Collab365 Summit virtual conference on May 11th 2016.


The presentation will be recorded and there will be a live chat session while it is being broadcast

Monday May 11th 12pm CST


Office 365 Add-Ins – a web developer’s playground

A web developer’s exploration into the capabilities and integration opportunities exposed by O365 and the Office Add-In model. Like most office workers, we all spend a significant amount of time in our “Microsoft Office” productivity tools. Even email is still a productivity tool. Productivity starts to diminish though if we have to move outside of our Office environment and hunt for information and/or complete business workflow processes.

With the creation of Office 365 Add-Ins, Microsoft has presented web developers with a new opportunity to create rich, engaging and integrated user experiences without having to leave the “experience” of our Office applications. Developers have the ability to create Add-Ins using HTML/JS/CSS and these run in the Windows Client, on the web, on our phones and even on the OS X desktop client.

In this presentation Mark will provide lots of demonstrations of how to get started with Office Add-Ins. These will include: creating your first Add-In in under 2 minutes, how to simplify workflow approval without having to leave your email client, how to pull report and analytics data into your Office product suite applications and how to integrate your content with cognitive analytics. All of this, written without a single line of C#.

Come to the presentation and find out why Office 365 Add-Ins are a modern web developer’s playground.


What’s the point again?

Hello O365 World, I’m Marky.

The point ?

The reason for this blog is to help me document and track my discovery as an IBM XPages Web Developer looking into the world of being a Web Developer learning O365 and SharePoint online.

I am an IBM Champion and have been for 3 years, I have spoken at multiple international and local conferences on XPages and Web development technologies such as Angular.js, WebSockets and jQuery. Over the time I have met many people who are concerned that their skills are non-transferrable. I have always maintained that being a Web Developer first and a boutique backend developer second gives you transferable skills.

I guess we will find out.

Here’s the information I have been given to get started

Development Tools

Having used Eclipse and WebStorm for a number of years here goes nothing……